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Risk Management Solutions Brochure

Network Bandwidth, Monitoring & Performance Optimization

We offer solution that enable organizations baseline and improve the performance of their network infrastructure by proactively avoiding any problem to be detected, isolated, and resolved with a minimum mean-time-to-repair.

Thus enhancing the user community’s productivity and quality of experience.

Market Leader:


We are global partner to Fortinet, the Gartner's Magic Quadrant leaders of the year 2013 based on their innovative improvement and aggressive price/performance benefits. With core focus on network bandwidth optimization, UTM (Unified Threat Management) and others solutions.

Other Partners:

Mushroom Network

An intelligent internet bandwidth management, network load balancing and video streaming solution to optimize Internet/WAN links for speed, reliability and cost.Enjoy high performance, reliability and cost with the Mushroom Tuffle broadband bonding firewalls and routers that can create a single virtual data pipe consist of multiple ISP WAN links that can transmit data with no latency or packet loss.Most suitable for internet bandwidth and network management solutions for ISP's, enterprises, branch offices and SMB (Small and Medium Business.


Lancope’s Stealth Watch is also a leading solution that provides Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) with borderless network visibility for flow-based security network for application performance, network and security monitoring.Mostly used by ISP’s, Banks and enterprise organization.


IXIA acquired breakpoint systems, the IT solution leader that focus on network intelligence monitoring, scaling of real-world mobile data for optimized performance and 3G and 4G/LTE networks hardened and cyber security intelligence deployment.Major strength in the deployment of compact cyber range solution that protects vital government, military, and commercial infrastructures and can help create Internet-scale cyber warfare scenarios in a controlled environment to protect against the most complex cyber-attacks.Most suitable for military, Security Intelligence Service and Police force for development of cyber solution platform.

Enterprise Endpoint Data Backup, Data Continuity and Data Loss Prevention

In other to maintain data integrity and continuity of a business there is a need to maintain an enterprise integrated backup and recovery solution for all user data. Such solution must provide central Management platform, automated and Secure Data Protection, Archival, data compression, patch technology and data backup policy enforcement and Migration on real time.

Market Leader:


Cibecs automated desktop and laptop backup and recovery solutions that protects user data and delivers real operational benefits.The uniqueness of Cibecs is that it’s effective, reliable, easy to use, central data backup policies, automation of user PC data backups and control of access to business files.Mostly suitable to small and medium scale enterprise. Other Partners:


Kaseya central System Backup and Restore is powered by the industry leading Storage Craft Shadow Protect engine, and provides imaged-based backup technology to take live real-time snapshots of your entire systems for fast, complete system recovery.A modular option for SMB’s to integrate backup solutions into their IT management platform with ease of control.


GDATA Endpoint Protection Enterprise solutions offer Transparent Full/ Incremental data backup and restore alongside anti-spam, anti-virus, mail security and Data protection.

Security Awareness and Compliance Training Programme

There is a need for promotion of security awareness & assessments programme for global compliance standard such as XSOL, HIPAA and PCI DSS base on the provision of training and advisory services for merchants, payment service providers and banks.

Market Leader:


VigiTrust is mostly widely recognized for its expertise in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), ISO 27001 compliance programs and corporate governance (GRC).Offers a cloud-based eLearning suite of solutions for Security, Compliance and GRC for merchants that help payment service providers and banks achieve and maintain security levels & compliance with legal and industry frameworks.Mostly suitable for Banks, Fund Clearing House, Inter-settlement payment platforms, card issuing & processing and online ecommerce merchants.

Enterprise Information & Content Management

Information management solutions make it possible to search, investigate and actively manage unstructured data sets of any size or complexity. This enables you to respond quickly and effectively to litigation or regulatory action, mitigate risk, reduce costs and extract value from your data.

Market Leader:


Nuix is a worldwide provider of information management technology solutions including, forensic investigation, eDiscovery, electronic investigation and information governance software.They offers solutions to customers include the world’s leading advisory firms, litigation support providers, enterprises, government departments, law enforcement agencies, and all of the world’s major corporate regulatory bodies.It is an Open Source option for Microsoft SharePoint solutions that is most suitable for enterprise content management across learning, document sharing and knowledge management platforms.

Enterprise Operation Risk Management (ORM) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solution

Organizations are developing systematic oversight programs to address day-to-day operational risks including the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events.

There is a need to adopt an integrated approach; companies can ensure that all Operation Risk Management initiatives are sustainable processes aligned with corporate strategy across business function.

Thus a need to create a centralized risk framework to document all operational risks faced by an organization.

Market Leader:

Metric Stream

Metric Stream is a Gartner magic quadrant leader in Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance till date with solutions enable that operational risks to be identified and assessed, controls to be defined, audits to be managed, and recommendations and remediation plans to be implemented.Most appropriate for enterprise measurement of operation risk and achievement of compliance in financial and payment solution platform.


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